Ready to Serve – Team Members Programme

COVID-ready training for the Hospitality Sector.

Team Member Ready to Serve learning programme has been carefully crafted to provide your team members with the knowledge and skills required to ensure a safe and effective return to work. 

Covering the key compliance procedures and measures, your team members will be COVID secure upon completion. The programme also delivers several modules covering hospitality skills and spirit service, so your team will feel confident of how to deliver service and sales in this new environment. The guidance in this programme is in line with current UK guidelines for operators, where there are different guidelines for Scotland or Wales, we have included extra downloadable resources that outline these. The CPL Learning Ready to Serve programme is supported by hospitality trade bodies UKHospitality, BII and Institute of Hospitality.


Team Members – Compliance for Reopening

COVID Secure Team Members

This mandatory programme module aims to support the safe return to your premises to safeguard your teams and guests. To reduce the impact of COVID-19 outbreak conditions on businesses, team members, guests, and the public, it is important for all team members to stay abreast of government guidance information and consider how to incorporate those recommendations and resources into the workplace.

  • New practices that have been implemented due to COVID-19
  • Considerations for coming to work and leaving work
  • Cleaning practices before the shift, during the shift and post-shift
  • How to perform guest excellence and guest safety

Hospitality in a Sterile World

This course looks at the differences between hospitality and service and the importance of balancing the two to create a meaningful connection with the guest. Whilst safety is critical in all areas of service, hospitality is also vital. Under COVID-19 restrictions you will need to revisit your service model and implement changes. Whilst doing so, it will be important to keep hospitality at the forefront of every team member’s minds.  This online course is suitable for all team members and has been produced in conjunction with Hop Training.  

  • Describe service, the practical and physical-based service skills required 
  • Understand hospitality as, using emotional response and make meaningful interactions  
  • Demonstrate the difference between hospitality and service and getting the balance right in a post COVID world 

Guest Excellence

This module explores ways in which team members can create an excellent guest experience following the restrictions put in place due to COVID-19. Effective communication and teamwork will ensure that all aspects of guest service form a critical role that will help achieve the objectives of their organisation in this diverse field.

  • Why guest excellence matters
  • The difference between service and guest excellence
  • What great hospitality is
  • COVID-19 considerations and guest excellence

Age Verification

This refresher training has been designed to revisit key areas for front of house team members to safely return to operations post the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. It is not to be used on its own as initial training and the content is not a definitive list of essential requirements. However, understanding how to manage underage sales remains one of the key compliance challenges; this course will explain your legal obligations and what you should consider as best practice in line with government guidelines surrounding COVID-19.

  • The importance of age verification
  • Challenge 21/25 policy
  • Acceptable proof of age and spotting false identification including online sales
  • Proxy purchases and following best practice in these events

Allergens (Front of house and back of house modules)

This refresher training has been designed to revisit key areas for front of house team members to safely return to operations post the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.  Our Allergens module contains two versions, with one for front of house teams and the other for back of house teams, to ensure all team members receive the appropriate training.  

  • The importance of communication, contamination and cleaning when controlling allergens  
  • Relevant industry-specific regulations, legislation, and procedures appropriate to your organisation and sector 
  • The controlling of allergens through cleaning of surfaces and utensils, storage, cross contamination, and communication with front of house teams  
  • Effective communication methods to transfer relevant information to people 
  • The characteristics and consequences of food and drink allergies and intolerances 
  • Procedures for identifying and controlling contamination from allergenic ingredients 

Food Safety

This refresher training has been designed to revisit key areas of food safety for team members to safely return to operations post the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. There will be new risks to food safety introduced by changes and procedures that team members will need to know about. Team members will need to maintain their basic hygiene standards in food safety and recognise the areas where greater attention will be required.

  • The importance of food safety and personal responsibility
  • The different types of food contamination and how to keep products safe
  • How to keep up with your company’s best practice policies

Fire Safety

This refresher module has been designed to revisit key areas in Fire Safety training for team members to safely return to operations post the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Fire regulations have not changed, and fire safety remains a critical part of everyday operation. Whilst social distancing guidelines may be in place it is important for team members understand that in an emergency people do not have to observe the social distance if it would be unsafe to do so. Under normal circumstances businesses must perform regular fire safety checks and these checks will have been undertaken with sufficient time prior to reopening to allow any remedial action to be completed.

  • The theory of fire and how to put your knowledge into practice in your daily role
  • Procedures to follow, that ensure the safe evacuation of yourself and others

Cellar Premises

The cellar module comprises of two courses to help your teams develop knowledge of correct cellar management and maintenance. The aim of these courses is to prepare cellars that have been out of use for several months to be ready for service again. The Cellar Premises course covers how to clean the cellar correctly, how to control temperature in the cellar, and the safe storage of gas cylinders. The Maintenance and Hygiene course covers how to maintain your personal hygiene, how to prevent accidents in the cellar, and how to deal with a gas leak. The courses are suitable for all levels and are targeted at team members whose work involves the cellar environment.

  • Demonstrate how to clean the cellar correctly
  • Understand how to control temperature in the cellar
  • Explain the safe storage of gas cylinders
  • Demonstrate how to maintain your own personal hygiene
  • Explain how to prevent accidents in the cellar
  • Understand how to deal with a gas leak

Spirit Service – Foundation Skills

The module aims to show you the basic elements of building spirit-based drinks taking into consideration measures to protect guests from COVID-19.  Whilst safety is critical in all areas of drink preparation, hospitality is also vital. Being as hospitable as possible will lead to a more pleasant experience for your teams and your guests. This includes providing guests with well-presented drinks prepared in a safe and hygienic way. The Spirit Service module comprises of four short courses:

  • Setting Up Your Spirit Station
  • Preparing Garnishes for Spirit Based Drinks 
  • Pouring and Building Spirit Based Drinks 
  • Glassware for Spirits and Top Tips

Planning Delivery and Takeaway

The Planning Delivery and Takeaway activity will support learners in a hospitality business making preparations and contingencies to deal with coronavirus and to provide a checklist of actions to consider and to communicate when conducting deliveries and takeaways.

  • Explore delivery partners and discover how they can support you
  • Consider hygiene measures for delivery and takeaway
  • Gain knowledge on the legal aspects of delivery and takeaway
  • Ensure you are delivering hospitality and quality whilst providing a delivery and takeaway service
  • Identify where support is required for marketing and communication


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