Asbestos Awareness

Course Overview

The importation and use of asbestos was not banned until 1999. Due to the health risks associated with asbestos, it is now illegal to use these materials in the construction or refurbishment of any premises but a significant amount of asbestos materials are still in place in commercial, industrial, public and residential buildings. This course has been Approved by RoSPA.

According to the HSE, asbestos is the single biggest cause of work related deaths in the UK. It mostly affects people who work in building maintenance and repair but any worker liable to encounter asbestos during their normal work should be trained so that they can recognise asbestos materials and know how to work safely with them.

Under The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, employers must provide anyone who is likely to work on or disturb asbestos materials with information regarding their location, condition and correct safety practices when working with asbestos materials.

Course Objectives

In this training course employees will learn:

  • Why asbestos is dangerous and the associated health risks
  • The different types of asbestos materials and the common locations of these materials in buildings
  • General control measures when working with asbestos
  • How to deal with a potential contamination

Benefits to your organisation

  • Ensures employees/contractors are aware of the dangers of asbestos materials and understand the requirements for working safely with them.
  • Communicate the location and type of any asbestos materials in the workplace via the Asbestos Register.
  • Comply with the Asbestos Regulations to provide awareness training to anyone whose work could foreseeably expose them to asbestos.

Target Audience

All employees/contractors who are liable to encounter or disturb asbestos materials.


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  1. Perfect for those looking for an introduction to the hidden dangers of asbestos.


    Not targeted at licensed contractors, but perfect for those looking for an introduction to the hidden dangers of asbestos.

  2. Simply amazing.


    Once deemed a versatile material with so many uses, now universally banned as a health risk. This excellent course goes into detail why that is and where you can still encounter it. Simply amazing.